PHLPost wins World Mail Awards 2014

June 20, 2014
From the Philippine Postal Corporation

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) is standing tall with the other postal industry winners from around the globe as it clinches the most coveted award in the People Management category from the World Mail Awards 2014 in Berlin, Germany, on June 18.

After a touching presentation by PHLPost Postmaster General Josie dela Cruz focusing on its entry “Re-engineering PHLPost”, the corporation was declared the winner besting two programs from Belgium Post.

PMG Dela Cruz spoke about PHLPost’s journey from the challenges it faced through the years to the various innovations injected to the corporation to make it a relevant postal service provider.

“Today, we can say that we were right in taking the path of re-engineering. That we are victorious against a situation where others thought to be improbable to reverse. We are now starting to reap the fruits of our labor,” PMG Dela Cruz said during the presentation.

According to the World Mail Awards online site, PHLPost bagged the award for “its wide-ranging employee program aimed at dramatically enhancing this Postal Services credentials as a champion for social inclusion. Faced with the challenge of supporting remote and vulnerable communities, the Government turned to this Postal Service to distribute cash payments and emergency aid to individuals and families stricken by poverty and natural disasters.”

“Through investment in its people, this Postal Service has been able to achieve a step-change in performance, bringing much needed assistance to the people who need it most,” WMA added.

PMG Dela Cruz looks forward to more progressive years for the corporation citing that with all the developments, the corporation has been inspired and even more challenged to do bolder steps towards making PHLPost relevant and sustainable.

“We owe it to every employee, especially to the letter carriers, all the triumphs and successes the corporation receives. This only attests that we are heading on the right path. With this award we could only go forward and continue to be of service to our fellow Filipino,” PMG Dela Cruz shares after receiving the award.

The WMA is the postal sector’s most prestigious international award giving body that recognizes excellence and innovation at all levels and areas of business from successful customer service initiatives to ground-breaking technological advances.

Re-engineering PHLPost – World Mail Awards 2014

Source: Official Gazette